[Seaside] Design of WAComponent(s)

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Wed Mar 5 21:00:07 UTC 2008

> Subject: RE: [Seaside] Design of WAComponent(s)
> +1, for example there's no way I could see a standard "login" 
> component work for us, let alone anything else that I can 
> think of. Components is something you build as you make up 
> your own application, its not something you take off the 
> shelf and plug in.
> -Boris

+2, the components that are included in Seaside are more useful as examples
rather than reusable widgets, and though I haven't kept up with 2.9,
hopefully they're being ejected into another package because they don't
belong in Core, they belong in external widget libraries.  

All widget libraries have limitations, there's no such thing as a generic
widget that works for everyone.  In web apps, in many cases, you'll end up
rolling your own, or living with the limitations of some other library like
Yahoo widgets or Mootools or something.

The only reusable widgets you'll ever be happy with, are the ones you roll
yourself and share between your own projects.

Ramon Leon

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