[Seaside] WAResponce, XML response and BOM

Petr Fischer petr.fischer at praguesoft.cz
Wed Mar 5 23:38:52 UTC 2008


I am using Seaside with FusionCharts. XML data file for FusionCharts  
is generated by this code:

			url := (html urlForAction: [
				self session returnResponse: (Seaside.WAResponse new
					contentType: 'text/xml';
					nextPut: 239 asCharacter;
					nextPut: 187 asCharacter;
					nextPut: 191 asCharacter;
					nextPutAll: chart xmlString;

239, 187 and 191 characters is BOM mark for UTF-8 (EF BB BF) - but  
this 3 characters are messed in responce to "C3 AF C2 BB C2 BF" - what  
is wrong?

Thanks very much for suggestions, Petr Fischer (VW7.6dev, mac os x)

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