[Seaside] Design of WAComponent(s)

stephan at stack.nl stephan at stack.nl
Thu Mar 6 15:55:13 UTC 2008

Philippe wrote:
> The points you made IMHO apply only if you want to build a component
> library or even component framework. That should be an addon protect
> and has no place in Seaside-Core. Honestly I have my doubts if such a
> such thing could ever work given the very special needs of users
> concerning not only functionality but also mark up.

-1 There are lots of situations where the user needs the functionality
now and doesn't care too much how it looks. Customizing is all very nice
but takes lots of time & money. There should be something like
Seaside-Core-Widgets. First-time users should not have to download
multiple projects to get started.


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