[Seaside] Seaside updater

Richard K Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Sat Mar 8 19:24:53 UTC 2008

Thanks to Lukas and Gerhard! This is crystal clear now! It certainly wasn't 
from looking at the SUFormTest example.

Works like a charm. With this one post, the entire world of Ajax has opened 
up to me!


Gerhard wrote:

Now simplified with updater only!

 | formId |
 formId := html nextId.
 html form id: formId;
  with: [html checkbox value: false; callback: [:v | set := v];
    onClick: (html updater id: 'text'; triggerForm: formId;
       callback: [:r | set ifTrue: [r text: 'My address'] ifFalse: [r text:
     html textArea id: 'text'; with: [html text: 'Empty']].

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