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Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Sat Mar 8 21:09:06 UTC 2008

Yes, indeed, I forgot about net etiquette. The project I'm working on (which
includes The Good Sex Network and Good Sex Shopping) is adult-related and
may be verboten at most work sites. However, there is nothing explicit at
these websites, nothing offensive, unless the mere mention of sex is itself
offensive. We live in such an uptight, politically correct society that I
suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the likelihood.

My Seaside project is an example of what a total novice to Smalltalk and OOP
can accomplish with the mere basics of Seaside. I've used nothing fancy,
only what I've found in the tutorials. I'm sure the Seaside experts among
you could achieve much more, but I'm trying to demonstrate what a total noob
like myself can achieve if he isn't afraid to take the road less travelled.

I should mention that this is a one-man project. I work alone(*). No one has
helped me, except for those on the Seaside mailing list, and I thank you


- I did all the design work, which included selecting CSS templates from
- I chose public domain artwork
- I chose to work exclusively with Open Source and/or free software (this
includes Darwin streaming server for QuickTime)
- I chose WordPress for non-Seaside stuff (such as articles and FAQ)
- I've kept the cost of development to the bare minimum (being the Cheap
Bastard that I am <grin>)

Boris wrote:

That sounds NSFW...


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