[Seaside] triggering forms

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 11 19:14:57 UTC 2008

> Only now I noticed that you are using #popupAnchor. Does it work when
> you use a normal #anchor? I am not sure how the popup anchors interact
> with asynchronous requests. Usually asynchronous requests are aborted
> when a new page loads (in your case this is a new window, that's why i
> am unsure). Maybe this issue can be solved by using the onComplete:
> event on the #evaluator and only open the new window in there?
> Another thing I noticed is that the #evaluator does not have a
> #callback:. This should not be a problem for newer versions of Seaside
> (2.8). If you don't have a callback it makes more sense to use a
> #requestor.
requestor does not seem to respond to triggerForm:

A standard anchor does not submit the form either.


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