[Seaside] SeasideAsync and scriptaculos

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Wed Mar 12 19:15:30 UTC 2008


i use seasideAsync liveCallback to intercept the change ( at character level )  in one textInput and dinamic update an list based on it value.

html textInput
    value: field
    callback:[ :v| field := v].
    liveCallback:[:text :h| field:= text.
                                    h div: 'idToUpdate' with: queryMethodBasedOn_Field: h].

Now i port my code into Gemstone, and i think to use only scriptacolous for do it.

I think it's not possible use together  ( SeasideAsync and scriptaculos)  in the same render code.
And i'm interested to conform, standarize the code.

What's the right method to do it ?

I tested :

html textInput
  id: (inputId := html nextId);
  exampleText:  'testo iniziale';
  callback: [ :value | self field: value ];

  onEnter: ( html updater id: 'idToUpdate' ; 
       callback:[ :h| self queryMethodBasedOn_Field: h ]).
 html div id:'idToUpdate' ;  with:[ self queryMethodBasedOn_Field: html]. 

With this code  i d'ont intercept the character change, but only at Enter level and the field is'not update.

How i can intercept the change at character level, in the textInput and update the relative field?
And after update the list ?
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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