[Seaside] Printing - via rendering to static HTML file and princeCSS?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Fri Mar 14 14:50:00 UTC 2008

Here's a rough sketch of how we do it in-memory before feeding the XHTML
to PDFReactor for conversion (apologies for formatting),

| handler response |
handler := WARenderContinuation root: (PDFRoot for: self).
response := WAResponse new.
handler context: (WARenderingContext new session: self session;
actionUrl: WAUrl new; yourself).
handler processRendering: response.
^(PDFClient default convertXHTML: response contents contents) pDF.

This returns PDF bytes that you can send back to the client with
something like,

	downloadBytes: (self report asPDF: self contact)
	mime: 'application/pdf'
	filename: ('Accounts <1s>.pdf' expandMacrosWith: (Core.Date
today printUsing: 'yyyy-mm-dd')).

And here's all the other supporting stuff to make it work, its somewhat
specific to what we do, but you should get an idea anyway,

Component>>asPDF: contact
^self application rootComponent pdfSessionFor: contact do: [self asPDF]

RootComponent class>>pdfSessionFor: contact do: block
	sessionFor: contact
	do: block
	isPDF: true.

RootComponent class>>sessionFor: contact do: block isPDF: boolean
^WACurrentSession value
		[| session |
		session := (self sessionClass new)
						isPDF: boolean;
						setParent: self
						attachContact: contact;
			use: session
			during: block] ensure: [session expire]]
		[:session | 
		| old |
		old := session isPDF.
		session isPDF: boolean.
		block ensure: [session isPDF: old]].

PDFRoot class>>for: aComponent
^(self new)
	component: aComponent;

^Array with: component.

PDFRoot>>component: anObject
component := anObject.

renderContentOn: html
 html render: self component.

updateRoot: root
root initialize.
root beXhtml10Strict.
root style add: (Styles default documentForFile: 'print.css').
root style add: self session branding default print.
root style add: 'svg {-ro-replacedelement:

Component>>downloadBytes: bytes mime: mime filename: filename
| handler |
handler := WADocumentHandler document: bytes mimeType: mime fileName:
^self session returnResponse: handler response

Hope this helps,


DeepCove Labs Ltd.
4th floor 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, Canada V6C 2T5

boris at deepcovelabs.com


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> How would I go about doing a #renderContentOn: run re-directed to a
> disk-based html file? I am looking for an easy way to print to nice
> and
> apparently
>   xhtml->Prince CSS
> is a good option.
> Any other suggestions welcome as well.
> Thanks - Sophie
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