[Seaside] call in child component

Dennis Schetinin chaetal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 14:40:50 UTC 2008

Hello, Seasiders!

1. I render a ('parent') page using:
WAParent >> renderContentOn: html
  | id |
  html form:
    [(html div)
      id: (id := html nextId);
      with: [html render: childComponent].
    (html anchor) with: 'save']

2. A 'childComponent' has an anchor inside:
WAChild >> renderContentOn: html
  (html div)
    id: 'add';
      [(html anchor)
        callback: [self addItem];
        with: '+']

3. WAChild >> addItem calls another simple component with some form on it.


Ahcnor 'save' (from a 'parent' component) is rendered at the bottom this form.

Is there a (good) way to get rid of it? ...keeping this nesting of
components, i.e. '+' should remain a part of a 'childComponent'; I
think 'adding new item' is a part of WAChild, not WAParent, as WAChild
can be used in other contexts.

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance for all answers.

Dennis Schetinin

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