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Thu Mar 20 08:18:28 UTC 2008

Thank you for your help. My current application does not
use Magritte yet - I have plan for this too - and why I would like
to do this is for comparing performance difference of my application
between on squeak and on gst. I'm not sure but GST has different
api for sqlite and I think that porting sqlite dependent part as roe
can ease my port.

Thank you again.

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  >  As subject says I'm finding tutorial or guide on ROE. My current
>  Seaside application uses SQLite3 and now I want to convert this
>  using ROE.

Not that I know of. Essentially it works exactly the same way as the
Smalltalk collection hierarchy: relations are the collections, and the
elements you iterate over are row-items. Only the message #do:
triggers fetching the data from the server, all other commands such as
#select:, #reject, ... get delayed until you actually need the data.

>  I know on Glorp but it does not have yet SQLite support and
>  make Glorp to support SQLite seems harder than ROE to support
>  SQLite.

I don't think that anybody used ROE with anything else than
PostgreSQL. Should be easy to add though.

There is also Magritte-ROE that does sort of a poor mans OR-mapping for ROE.


Lukas Renggli

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