[Seaside] object databases and other questions of architecture

Colin Putney cputney at wiresong.ca
Thu Mar 27 14:45:11 UTC 2008

On 27-Mar-08, at 6:16 AM, Sean Allen wrote:

> I really like Seaside and think we could do great things with it but  
> I have quite step learning curve pretty much across
> the board here so any help with narrowing down architecture  
> questions some is greatly appreciated.

If you want to eliminate your paradigm mismatch, Gemstone is the way  
to go. GLASS is just astoundingly cool.

There are a couple of downsides, of course. While Gemstone is quite  
mature, the Seaside port and the tools for developing on Gemstone are  
fairly recent. You might run into unforeseen issues simply because  
nobody has done this before. The folks at Gemstone and on this list  
will undoubtedly be helpful, but you'd be out there on the bleeding  

Another downside (compared to where you are now) is that Gemstone is a  
commercial product, and if you want to scale beyond a certain point,  
you'll have to pay for it. Given that this is all so new, we don't  
really know where that point is.

Good luck!


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