[Seaside] The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 17: Jan 13 - Mar 22, 2008

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Mar 28 16:36:28 UTC 2008

> Come on...
> This is one email every month full of cool information. Do 
> you rate all the emails with no information that we receive everyday?
> Please news team continue! I would love also to get news from 
> VisualWorks too condensed that way.
> I also think that not showing that Smalltalk is a living 
> community is a mistake for Seasiders.
> I really value the Web team and news because in a world with 
> so much information having a condensed summary is simply great.
> Stef

+1, I like the summaries as well, we're too small a community to ignore each
others accomplishments.

Ramon Leon

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