[Seaside] Seaside vs. Traditional

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 16:14:47 UTC 2008

> Hi,
>  I wrote a counter in Aida here:
>  http://nico.bioskop.fr/blog/seaside-counter-example-in-aida/web.html

nice ;) and good example

>  >
>  > Especially the multi-counter as a composition of counters would be
>  > interesting, because this is where my troubles started when playing
>  > with AIDA.
> Why? you can write a Counter as a subclass of WebElement if you want to
>  reuse it, it would be really easy to write it in Aida too.
so please do it ;)

I think Lukas meant, this is were problem occurs. Is it possible to
cpoy/paste url and keep it work ?

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