[Seaside] Seaside List Appology

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Mon Mar 31 01:06:52 UTC 2008

Thanks Philippe!  Thank you too for your contributions.  Your work is really


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> 2008/3/29, Ron Teitelbaum <Ron at usmedrec.com>:
> > Hi All,
> >
> >  I've been working way too hard, but that is no excuse for my rather
> harsh
> >  tone, and feelings at the time.  I consider Philippe to be a very
> important
> >  part of our community which I believe includes everyone not just people
> from
> >  Squeak.  I love reading posts from James Patterson, Dan Ingalls, John
> >  Maloney, Andreas Raab, Eliot Miranda and Dale Henrichs.  Just because
> people
> >  are making money from Cincom, Sun, MIT, Qwaq, Cadence, Gemstone, or
> even
> >  Swazoo for that matter doesn't make them any less a part of our
> community.
> >  For those of you I didn't list you are included too, there are way too
> many
> >  great people in our community to list them all, and I'm proud to be a
> part
> >  of it.
> >
> >  So in that line, I'm sorry.  Philippe is tops in my book and I really
> >  appreciate your work and the work of the Seaside community.  I think
> the
> >  Weekly Squeak helps to show my commitment to all of you and I
> appreciate
> >  your support in return.  Philippe if you would rather not have posts of
> the
> >  summaries I will support that out of respect to you and your position
> in the
> >  community.  It's really up to you.
> Most people said it adds value for them so I guess I was wrong. It is
> now my turn to apologize myself, thank you for your contribution and
> ask you to continue.
> Cheers
> Philippe

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