[Seaside] Seaside Error Handler for emailing the error

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sat May 3 11:22:14 UTC 2008

> > Old versions of Seaside had an error handler that could email an
> administrator the stack trace if an error occured.  I don't see that option
> in the newer Seaside versions.  Am I overlooking something?
> >
I think they removed that because of platform specific code.
Maybe, just subclass WAWalkbackErrorHandler and probably ovveride:

open: anException
	| answer |
	answer := WARenderLoop new
		call: (WAWalkback exception: anException)
		withToolFrame: false.
	answer ifTrue: [ SeasidePlatformSupport openDebuggerOn: anException ]

instead of
SeasidePlatformSupport openDebuggerOn: anException

somethink like:

mailText := SeasidePlatformSupport  walkbackStringsFor: anException.
SeasidePlatformSupport  deliverMailFrom: fromAddress to: recipientList
text: mailText.

You also have to chage the answer so as not to display to a proper
error page then probably a redirect on home...
WARenderLoop new
		call: (YouErrorComponent new)   "that do a redirect maybe"
		withToolFrame: false.   "not sure of call:withToolFrame:   maybe just call:"

This is not testet, just a guess...  I'll try later maybe



>  To be more specific, old versions of Seaside had WAEmailErrorPage, which
> would email the error to whomever I chose.
>  New Seaside versions do not have any such functionality (that I can see).
>  Has anybody created it?
>  Nevin
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