[Seaside] question on database and scaling

James Foster Smalltalk at JGFoster.net
Mon May 12 06:17:06 UTC 2008

On May 12, 2008, at 7:22 AM, Chris Dawson wrote:

> James (and Aaron),
> Thanks for the input.  I'm reading up on Magma, but GemStone/S looks  
> like a great fit.  Where can I find a tutorial on using it?  I read  
> a bit about it in the 414 page PDF on the site.  Is there something  
> a bit shorter that I could use to build upon the STTodoTut app?
> Chris


So far we haven't published an intro tutorial (though I will be giving  
one at Smalltalk Solutions in Reno in June). In general, if you follow  
any of the existing tutorials for Squeak, things should be rather  
similar. One approach, particularly if you are new to Smalltalk, is to  
build the application in Squeak and then port it to GemStone/S when  
you get closer to deployment.

James Foster
GemStone Systems, Inc.

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