[Seaside] Re: Is there an easy way to decorate Canvas elements toincorporate other toolkits?

Tim M 365nice at gmail.com
Fri May 16 07:30:48 UTC 2008

Hi philippe,

> If you only need the dojoType you can simply make a class extentsion
> in WATagBrush
> dojoType: aString
> self atttrubuteAt: 'dojoType' put: aString
> html textInput
> html textInput
> on: #userName of: self user;
> dojoType: 'dijit.form.TextBox'

Thanks for the tip - I didn't know you could do it that way. I think that 
along with Boris's pointer about overriding in a WARenderCanvas subclass 
will give me everything I need - with a plugable solution that would change 
all my code without me having to go around adding #dojoType: everywhere.

I hadn't clicked on to the fact that you specify your new canvas in the application 
config screen - I keep forgetting to look there.

Thanks again  to you and Boris,


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