[Seaside] Announcing a new Seaside "Success Story"

Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Sun May 18 14:30:11 UTC 2008

Our website has now been officially released. Perhaps you'd like to  
include it among your "Success Stories"...

The Good Sex Network

<a href="http://goodsexnetwork.com/">The Good Sex Network</a> is an  
international online service that provides true medically-based sex  
counseling from a world-renowned sexologist. The goal is to reach  
people wherever traditional sex therapy is difficult to access. The  
core of the service is based on private email conversations and  
streaming therapeutic videos.

It should be noted that the website was originally one monolithic  
Seaside/Squeak app, but recently I decided to re-architect it so that  
only the actual dynamic portion is Seaside-based and all the other  
webpages are plain ordinary HTML. (I took a cue from DabbleDB, whose  
webpages for the most part are PHP files.) This also alleviates any  
issue about  performance. But the primary motivation was to make the  
website SEO-friendly (the dynamic parts don't need to be SEO-friendly).

Yes, I could've used the Seaside facilities for updating the URLs but  
it seemed much more trouble than it was worth. And I still would've  
had to contend with the issue of performance and scalability. (Now  
only the dynamic portion is load-balanced over several Squeak VMs.)


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