[Seaside] Fatal Flaw in my Web App!

Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Fri May 23 13:14:37 UTC 2008

I just discovered a fatal flaw in my web app. By chance, I was looking  
at the PostgreSQL database for my app, which uses GLORP. When I did  
the following in PSQL:


I discovered much to my horror that the DB connections from previous  
logins/logouts were still lingering around. I had assumed that they'd  
timeout and go away. When I logout, I do a session expire, and I  
thought this takes care of all GLORP issues. Apparently, I was dead  

Is there a nice easy way for me to solve this without doing major  
surgery to my web app? At the time of logout (or even Seaside session  
timeout), I do not necessarily have access to the GLORP instance  


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