[Seaside] Fatal Flaw in my Web App!

Richard K Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Fri May 23 19:48:00 UTC 2008

"Oh, I see!" said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw. From the 
Seaside.st FAQ:

>From time to time, Seaside processes expired sessions (see 
#unregisterExpiredHandlers). Expired sessions are removed from Seaside, 
making them candidates for future garbage collections, then they are sent 
#unregistered. The standard implementation of #unregistered in WASession is 

#unregistered is sent *when garbage collection is done*. It's not 
necessarily executed immediately. I should've read the FAQ more carefully.


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>I have a puzzling problem. I've made some changes to do what you suggest. 
>I've subclassed WASession:
> WASession subclass: #GSSession
> ...with instance variable #database. I've created #unregistered as 
> follows:
> unregistered
>    database ifNotNil: [database logout].
>    super unregistered
> I've put the following in #GSRegistrationLogin (my root component for the 
> app):
>    self application preferenceAt: #sessionClass put: GSSession
> And when the user logs out, the following is executed:
>    html anchor
>        callback: [self session expire];
>        with: [html paragraph style: 'color: red'; with: [html strong: 
> 'Logout']]
> But the #unregistered doesn't always get executed. Sometimes, not at all! 
> And sometimes, much later, as in the *next* time I login and logout (?!). 
> What am I doing wrong?!! Shouldn't session expiry *always* cause 
> #unregistered to execute?
> Thanks,
> Richard
> ----------------
> John wrote:
> I usually store my glorp session on the seaside session, and upon
> expiring, it sends logout to the glorp session.
> This has the dual benefit of the above, and having easy accessor to
> glorp in the form of:
> self session glorpSession
> anywhere in my Tasks/Components.
> John 

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