[Seaside] Ideas worth stealing

Todd Blanchard tblanchard at mac.com
Fri May 30 23:04:18 UTC 2008

I watched the screencast.  It is not the same thing.  I think you guys  
are missing something key in that project of yours.

Active scaffold simply lets me point the app at a db and ZAM total  
admin UI that looks nice with AJAX master detail editing.  I can then  
filter out attributes that people ought not to edit, apply  
permissions, and decorate the app with task links.

The demo shows app development.  I didn't develop a thing apart from  
specify some mappings because the database used weird and inconsistent  
naming conventions.

I also found it interesting that the app being developed in the  
screencast didn't look nearly as sophisticated as the tools being used  
to build it.  I don't find that a good selling point.

-Todd Blanchard

On May 30, 2008, at 4:28 AM, James Robertson wrote:

> Cincom is doing exactly that - combining the ActiveRecord pattern  
> with scaffolding.  Have a look here:
> http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/userblogs/mls/blogView?showComments=true&printTitle=WebVelocity_alpha_screencast&entry=3388846573
> James Robertson
> Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist
> http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/blog/blogView
> Talk Small and Carry a Big Class Library
> On May 30, 2008, at 3:13 AM, Todd Blanchard wrote:
>> With the idea that no good idea should go un-stolen, allow me to  
>> introduce seaside fans to active scaffold http://activescaffold.com.
>> I am wrapping up a ruby on rails engagement with a client and  
>> discovered this framework.  I ended up using ROR because the client  
>> had an existing mysql database and Squeak's mysql support isn't so  
>> hot where rails is all about mysql, and I had only a couple "flows"  
>> but a whole lot of plain old admin-CRUD to do and rails excels at  
>> plain crud on mysql.  With activescaffold - I had to write very  
>> little code for the admin UI - a major plus because this project is  
>> on a very tight timeline.
>> Anyhow, activescaffold works with activerecord and infers a really  
>> slick AJAX UI that supports sensible CRUD more or less instantly.   
>> Once installed, you can go through and customize views by adding  
>> actions links, filtering columns, and generally overriding bits of  
>> logic to make it more task focused.
>> It would be really cool to have a similar facility in Seaside.
>> Cheers,
>> -Todd Blanchard
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