[Seaside] SEO and urls

sergio sergio at village-buzz.com
Mon Nov 3 20:08:45 UTC 2008

one of the things that i wonder about as i play with seaside more and  
more is..

does the format of the url really matter at all in regards to SEO?

i know alot of people are really into the idea that google can somehow  
parse and make meaning out of the urls, but i would think that if you  
had a sitemap of your site in the webmaster tools, it really shouldn't  
matter what the urls look like..

it also seems like the stuff i look for that is on seaside sites is  
indexed really well, and not lost lost in a slew of results for  
"seaside vacations" or things like that..

any thoughts?

the reason i ask is that if we use seaside for production work,  
clients are gonna FLIP when they see the urls..


photographer, journalist, visionary

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