[Seaside] stuck in the tutorial..

sergio sergio at village-buzz.com
Tue Nov 4 00:11:11 UTC 2008

i am stuck on the tutorial..

i am here:


let me know if that takes you back to the front of the tutorial.. i am  
on the components page...

this section:

  Of course, you want to see some results now, therefore we refactor  
StRootComponent>>#initialize to call self initializeMenuComponent  
instead of simply initializing themenuComponent instance variable.

i just can't figure out where to put this line:

self initializeMenuComponent

it seems like it should be in:

StMenuComponent>>#initialize, because that's where  
initializeMenuComponent is..

but that doesn't work..

if i put it in StRootComponent>>#initialize like so:

	super initialize.
		menuComponent: StMenuComponent new;
		listComponent: StListComponent new.
	self initializeMenuComponent.

i  get this:

MessageNotUnderstood: StRootComponent>>initializeMenuComponent

which totally makes sense..

anyone have any ideas?


photographer, journalist, visionary

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