[Seaside] lightbox and please wait dialog

Marco D'Ambros marco.dambros at lu.unisi.ch
Tue Nov 4 15:11:00 UTC 2008


in a seaside application I am writing, some operations take a long  
time to complete.
For this reason, I want to add a sort of "please wait" dialog to the  
page which automatically disappears after the operation is performed.

I tried something like this:

html submitButton
		(html request callback: [self lightbox: (WAFormDialog new  
addMessage: 'Please wait')]),
		(html request callback: [self rootApplication computeLongOperation]);
	text: ' compute long operation']

but it does not work. In particular I have to problems with that:
1 - the lightbox dialog is shown in the page only after the  
#computeLongOperation completed
2 - I dunno how to make the dialog disappear after the  
#computeLongOperation is completed.

any suggestions will be really appreciated :-)


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