[Seaside] lightbox and please wait dialog

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Tue Nov 4 15:30:24 UTC 2008

Hi Marco,

today I've finished solving exactly that.
I've used a periodical updater on a component which changes its state while
The state of this component dictates which feedback will be rendered to the UI.
Its nice because you can even set there server side validation result when it
wont validate. If validates fine some kind of be patience message is displayed
until state changes to done and it end up with some feedback about process

Tip: you may be tempted to but manage yourself to don't use forks in callbacks


Sebastian Sastre

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> Hi,
> in a seaside application I am writing, some operations take a long  
> time to complete.
> For this reason, I want to add a sort of "please wait" dialog to the  
> page which automatically disappears after the operation is performed.
> I tried something like this:
> html submitButton
> 	onClick:
> 		(html request callback: [self lightbox: 
> (WAFormDialog new  
> addMessage: 'Please wait')]),
> 		(html request callback: [self rootApplication 
> computeLongOperation]);
> 	text: ' compute long operation']
> but it does not work. In particular I have to problems with that:
> 1 - the lightbox dialog is shown in the page only after the  
> #computeLongOperation completed
> 2 - I dunno how to make the dialog disappear after the  
> #computeLongOperation is completed.
> any suggestions will be really appreciated :-)
> thanks!
> Marco
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