[Seaside] [Ann] seaBreeze 4.0

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Wed Nov 5 10:48:10 UTC 2008

We have just published a new major seaBreeze version, you can download it
from cincom public repository (as always).

Some of the improvements are:
- major speed improvements for the editor
- smaller memory footprint
- new elements
- metatag support
...and many more...

In addition to that we have updated our QuickStart Image with these changes.
You can find the new version at http://seabreeze.heeg.de/

Any feedback/comments are appreciated.

The seaBreeze Team
at Georg Heeg eK

Karsten Kusche - Dipl.Inf. - karsten at heeg.de
Tel: +49 3496 21 43 29
Georg Heeg eK - Köthen
Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Dortmund A 12812

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