[Seaside] Use of onMouseOver: and onMouseOut: in Seaside 2.8x

Richard E. Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Thu Nov 6 06:36:04 UTC 2008

As I mentioned earlier today, I'm updating some older code that was  
written for Seaside 2.6x and the following code
does not appear to work -- at least to what I'm expecting -- it does  
not get any DNUs or anything like that..
I'm guessing it's an outdated construct.  If I put a breakpoint in the  
onMouseOver it is only
called during initial rendering but never when the event occurs which  
is what I'm expecting.
  I've never used these events before and perhaps the constructs are  
different for the newer Seaside?

Below is the offending code snippet:

renderRowNumber: index item: row on: html
	html tableRow id: 'row' , index asString;
		class: (self classForRowNumber: index);
		 onClick: (html evaluator
			callback: [:aScript | self adjustRowColorsUsingIndex: index  
onScript: aScript];
			 return: false);
		 onMouseOver: ('javascript:Element.addClassName("row', index  
asString, '","RowColor-', self highlightColor, '")');
		  onMouseOut: ('javascript:Element.removeClassName("row', index  
asString, '","RowColor-', self highlightColor, '")');
		with: [columns
				do: [:ea | self
						renderColumn: ea
						row: row
						on: html]]

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