[Seaside] Autocompleter is not working

Peter Osburg peter.osburg at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 14:58:28 UTC 2008

Finally I could discover the problem I had.

While I was trying to use the toggleBlind effect, I had to see that it
doesn't work, as well. So I digged into the SULibrary and took a look at the
files that are provided by the library.

I discovered the effect.js and the prototype.js which is obvious to be in
the library but I also provide those .js files in my own library. Obviously
they have a different implementation but this caused the conflict that I
neither could use the autocompleter nor the toggleBlind effect.

I know I should have seen it earlier but what shall I say ... I couldn't see
the wood for the trees.

Just wanted to let you know what my mistake was in order to prevent you from
doing the same stupid things :)


2008/11/10 Peter Osburg <peter.osburg at gmail.com>

>  And I always get the error
> this.element is null
> Lukas Renggli schrieb:
>  I have a problem with the autocompleter. While I am using exactly the
> same implementation like the SUAutocompleteTest, I can't get it to work.
> My component is inherited from an SUComponent and I am using the exact
> same render methods like in the test. The only difference: I am using a
> WATask.
>  Subclassing SUComponent is not necessary. That's just convenience for the tests.
>  Does anybody know any problems regarding the autocompleter? I am using
> the latest seaside, as well as scriptaculous versions.
>  Did you add the SULibrary to your application? What does FireBug tell you?
> Lukas

Peter Osburg
peter.osburg at gmail.com
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