[Seaside] New Member with a question.

Tony Giaccone tony at giaccone.org
Fri Nov 21 13:43:59 UTC 2008


Just thought I would introduce myself. I'm new to this group, and very  
interested in Squeak and Seaside. I'm a 30 year veteran of computer  
wars. Having first started programming in 1977 in APL in high school.  
Now, I'm a professional developer, have worked all over the US and in  
Europe and develop web applications in Java. I started out using  
WebObjects and am now using a variety of horrible J2EE frameworks.

After 30 years of TPS rreports and corporate manuvering, I'd pretty  
much lost my interest in development. It had become just a job. The  
horrible movement back in time from WebObjects to J2EE didn't help the  
situation.  Squeak and Seaside have piqued my interest in developing  
again. In a way that I haven't felt in a long time. So I'm very  
interested in best practices.  I'm hoping that if I can develop a good  
enough grounding in this stuff that I can suggest we try Seaside as a  
development platform where I work.  I have my fingers crossed.

So now on to the question:

Imagine you're writing a game and you have a player object.  There are  
places in the game where you want to display player information on the  
page you are generating.  I would say classically that the player is  
the Model. and that Seaside gives us the View. So now my question is,  
about the Controller.

Is the controller a separate class?  Should there be a controller  
class that handles placing the data from the model onto the page? Or  
should the page just know about the player and make direct calls into  
the player object.

If I have a component,  PlayerInfoView. Is that in fact the controller?

I guess my question is about boundaries.  Should the player object  
know anything about seaside?

I'm trying to understand the basic layout of how these pieces fit  
together and I'm looking for one or more of you to chime in with your  
general feeling about the way this kind of issue gets resolved.

Tony Giaccone.

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