[Seaside] Creating a component that requires a callback:

Gerardo Richarte gera at corest.com
Fri Nov 21 15:14:30 UTC 2008

Hi, I'm pretty new to seaside, and it's only parttime, but well, I'm 
anyway trying to implement some sort of AMChartsComponent 
(www.amcharts.com) (I find it nicer and better than PlotKit)

It should't be tricky, however, two things are making my process very slow:

I have the flash component rendered already, with some javascript code 
to configure it, however, one of the arguments I need to supply to a 
javascript call is a URL to an XML file. Maybe I can make this XML file 
be static, and then use AMChartsLibrary / #something, but maybe I need 
to dynamically create this XML, and hence I want to have some sort of 
callback: mechanism, so Seaside creates a dynamic URL, and the block 
answers with the XML. My question is, how do I create a component like 
this? suppose my renderContentOn: today looks something like:

html script: 'doSomethingRequiringURL("http://localhost/seaside/blah");'

I guess I could somehow turn it into:

html script: 'doSomethingRequiringURL(', (AMChartLibrary / 
#lahpreparedXML) asJavascript,  ');'

but I'd really like to do something more like

html amchart
    settings: [:xml | xml blah...]

for example.

And then, inside this XML there is another URL, that points to the data 
source to plot. I'm still not sure how the interface to all this will 
look like, but I certainly want this URL to again, be generated dinamically.

so, a couple of questions.

. How do I create a component that uses something like the callback 
mechanism? (how do I get seaside to generate the URL for me and do all 
its magic)
. Do you have any design ideas on how I should better implement this? I 
guess I'll try to follow how PlotKit is used, so the interfaces to the 
two are somehow compatible.

Right now I only want a quick hack, but eventually, if this finally 
works and I somehow like it, I'll contribute it... of course, if 
somebody has already done it, I'm more than willing to reuse :)


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