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Alan Knight knight at acm.org
Wed Nov 26 14:15:43 UTC 2008

Not Seaside-specific, but probably the easiest thing to do is load the "AT Profiling UI" parcel and do something like

MultiTimeProfiler startProfiling.

before you start, and 

MultiTimeProfiler stopProfiling

at the end.

You can also do a profile that just takes the time for a particular process inside a block, but for web-type applications having it take into account all processes is often useful.

For Glorp-specific profiling, see the GlorpAnalysis package and the GlorpQueryPerformanceAnalyzer in particular. This doesn't have a nice UI, but will give you the ability to look at the time taken by queries, and aggregating particular types of queries.

At 09:14 AM 11/25/2008, Richard E. Flower wrote:
>One more question for you...
>In my current app, I use Glorp for my database storage needs... So far  
>so good.. However, I see a few places in my code
>where things seem to take longer than I'd expect and frankly I'm not  
>really sure what is consuming the time.  For instance,
>my login page which does a database query to populate a select box  
>frequently takes a bit over a second to render on a
>1.67Ghz Powerbook (ppc).
>In older versions of Seaside I recall seeing a way to get a list of  
>how long various things took to render in a tree layout
>but can't find that anymore -- just an overall list of how long the  
>page took to render. If I want to profile code whats the
>best way to do that under VW/Seaside and will it include non-Seaside  
>items such as Glorp calls,etc?
>-- Rick
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