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Alan Knight knight at acm.org
Thu Nov 27 04:54:38 UTC 2008

On number 1 I don't know, but I suspect the Glorp profiler might be a better bet anyway if your time is being spent in Glorp. Or if the times are really ridiculous, just try the ad hoc profiling approach - break into your program with ctrl-y or the process monitor and see what it's doing at the time. Trying that 3 or 4 times will often lead you to the place that's a severe bottleneck.

On number 2, I don't think that's going to help you with a Postgresql connection. I think you'd want to load NetConfigTool, and possibly there are other Net tools things that provide a UI for settings.

At 11:38 PM 11/26/2008, Rick Flower wrote:

>Ok -- just an update. I loaded SeasideProfiler and also the below
>mentioned NetClients and have two questions :
>1) For SeasideProfiler -- I get a "Profiler" link now in Seaside and when
>pressed I get "no samples" in the very bottom of the window.. For the life
>of me I can't get anything other than "no samples".. Any ideas?
>2) For the Http Proxy settings, how do I set the proxy config?  I didn't
>notice any changes in the preferences panel or anywhere else..
>-- Rick
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