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Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Thu Nov 27 07:54:29 UTC 2008

Hi Rick,

On (1), Seaside profiling only works for the rendering phase and you
need a fair amount of rendering activity (or a slow CPU). If you cannot
get any sample, this means that there is not much to optimize in your
rendering code.

On the other hand, you may also want to try increase the number of
samples and customize WAProfiler>>profileSendsDuring: to use a sampling
interval that would be shorter than the default value (16 I believe)

	((TimeProfiler new) samplingInterval: 1; yourself) 
		profile: aBlock
			[:spy | 
			profile := spy.
			sem signal].

If you need to profile the callback phase of your application, then the
SeasideProfiler package will not help. You will have to manually
instrument you callback methods.

Hope this helps,

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> Ok -- just an update. I loaded SeasideProfiler and also the 
> below mentioned NetClients and have two questions :
> 1) For SeasideProfiler -- I get a "Profiler" link now in 
> Seaside and when pressed I get "no samples" in the very 
> bottom of the window.. For the life of me I can't get 
> anything other than "no samples".. Any ideas?
> 2) For the Http Proxy settings, how do I set the proxy 
> config?  I didn't notice any changes in the preferences panel 
> or anywhere else..
> Thx!
> -- Rick
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