[Seaside] calling components inside an updated ajax div

christian ponti pontichristian at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 11:04:05 UTC 2008

Hello list,
I have an application with a login system (basically from the tutorial)
where the logged in user can configure some "stuff".
The view is divided in four blocks, an administration box on the left, a
centered working box, a modules box on the right and another bottom box.
I have the same problem in two situation: from the administration box an
anchor which calls a component with user configuration purposes and updates
the central box where the component is rendered.

(html anchor)
                                ((html updater)
                                        id: 'central';
                                        callback: [:renderer | self
renderUserDataOn: renderer]);
                        with: 'Change User Data'.

i can modify the user data and submit change without problem but after
clicking the submit button the component disappear, this without the
classical self answer.

In the same way, at least in my opinion, on the right I can drag an image
(representing my module) to the bottom box, where on dropping the code
updates two divs, the bottom box itself where the dropped image is shown,
and the central box where I want to be able to start the module
configuration, calling some components.
The updating code is:

^(html evaluator)
                [:value |
                    self addModule: value.
                    self moduleConfiguratorComponent setModule: value];
                [:script |
                    (script element)
                        id: id;
                        render: [:renderer | self renderModuleOn: renderer].
                    (script element)
                        id: 'central';
                        render: [:renderer | self
renderModuleConfiguratorOn: renderer]]

the central box is diplayed but at this point when I click a submit button,
which calls another component, as mentioned before the component disappears,
but the called componed is not displyed.

In both cases calling the components directly ends with a correct behaviour.

Any idea why this happens?

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