[Seaside] WAPresenter>>states

Eric Hochmeister erichochmeister at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 15:52:57 UTC 2008


I was just wondering if I could get a clarification or brief
explanation on #states and its uses (when to use, why).

>From my understanding, it seems that #states should be used when the
return value of #children is dynamic over the life-span of the

#states should return the same thing as #children in this case (a
collection of the child components)?

If the child components do not change in the life-span of the
component, then there is no need to implement #states on the

#states enables backtracking to work correctly on the components which
have been changed within the life-span of the component. (/enables
seaside's ability to track the dynamic components such that
backtracking will work correctly)

Is this correct?  Is that all I need to know, or am I missing something?



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