[Seaside] A noob and a bloated image

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Wed Oct 1 13:54:50 UTC 2008


I will run the space analysis.  I _think_ I even have a copy of the
image in its very bloated state, for comparison.

The image is an earlier Pharo image with a similarly aged Pinesoft's UI
Enhancements (of course, essentially a old version of Polymorph).  I
have no idea how big the image should be but, even 28MB seems large.

More to come.  Thanks!


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There may be other stuff lingering around than Seaside sessions, e.g.,  
the MC cache.
Or, are you using Polymorph? (Sorry, this may get a bit off topic for  
the Seaside list.)

Could you produce a space analysis and post it?
SpaceTally new systemWideSpaceTally


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