[Seaside] Space tally

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Wed Oct 1 21:57:00 UTC 2008


I ran the space tally, and have found, even after 

       WARegistry clearAllHandlers.
       Smalltalk garbageCollect.

that there are still some Seaside entrails present in the image.  In
particular, there are 11 instances of WAApplication, and 4 instances of
WADispatcher.  There are also quite a few surviving instances from the
cryptography package, suggesting that I probably have some orphans from
my experiments with SSL connections.  I will dig around some more.

It would be nice to get breakdowns by category, and I quickly ran into
something that struck me as odd: is there a reason #spaceTally: answers
the items and not the tally/receiver?  Doing the latter would simplify
slicing the results.  If there is interest, I can punch it up a little
and submit it for inclusion in Pharo - let me know.  It won't be much,
but it should be helpful in understanding what is eating up space. 
Thanks for calling the tally to my attention; it looks like a very
useful tool.

Either here or on the Pharo list (maybe both), there was some recent
discussion of cleanup.  IIRC, it mentioned some additional expressions
to clean up Seaside; it's worth a try.  I also vaguely recall some
(perhaps just speculation??) mention of image growth problems with the
older UI Enhancements; the image in question is months old, so that
might be part of the problem.

Finally, I have no baseline for how big the image should be; I just
noted it was 50+MB and realized something was out of whack.  I am not
terribly concerned about the current image, orther than to not lose the
code.  I expect to build a new image once Pharo is available with
PolyMorph and ideally TT integrated into the image.  Depending on the
timing and any deadlines that might be whooshing by, I might wait for
the official release, but I am getting eager to have some of the newer


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