[Seaside] [Question] How do I use Pier as a Seaside component?

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Thu Oct 2 10:50:39 UTC 2008

Dear all

I would like to use a Pier wiki as a Seaside component as Lukas Renggli
suggested in


I suggest that you use Pier. I do that for many of my projects. Pier

can be easily embedded into any application, as well as you can embed

any application into Pier. For simple wikis it might be a bit overkill

to have to load the whole code-base that is more a CMS, so it would

probably be worthwhile to have a simple Seaside component that just

reuses the document model.

The code I would like to use (Pseudo class and method names):

myModel := PierStructure on: (AFileDirectory on:

myPierComponent := PierSubclassOfWAComponent on: myModel.

May I ask for help replacing this pseudo-code with actual code which does the

In addition I would like to have as well

myModel exportContentAsTextFileInWikiSyntaxToDirectory: aDirectorySpecification

myModel exportContentAsStaticHTMLToDirectory: anotherDirectorySpecification

and to create the model in the first place

myModel := PierStructure on: (AFileDirectory on:

Thank you in advance for all hints and contributions

Hannes Hirzel

P.S. I have installed Pier-Seaside version (it is the latest version
available in the Squeak 3.10.2 "Universe" repository as of today).

Utilities classCategoriesStartingWith: 'Pier'


#(#'Pier-Model-Core' #'Pier-Model-Magritte' #'Pier-Model-Kernel'
#'Pier-Model-Persistence' #'Pier-Model-Structure' #'Pier-Model-Command'
#'Pier-Model-Document' #'Pier-Model-Exception' #'Pier-Model-Visitor'
#'Pier-Model-Utilities' #'Pier-Seaside-Core' #'Pier-Seaside-Libraries'
#'Pier-Seaside-Magritte' #'Pier-Seaside-Model' #'Pier-Seaside-View'
#'Pier-Seaside-Widgets' #'Pier-Seaside-Visitors')

For me it is not easy to find the entry points. Pier-Seaside-Model for example
seems to be a good candiate for creating a model. However there are only two
classes there: PRComponent and PRSettingsCommand. The first one has no class
documentation at all and the second one only a terse comment. So this seems to
be a dead end.

Then there is the class category Pier-Model-Document whith quite a number of
classes: On particular class jumps into the eye: PierDocument. The documentation
says 'I am the root of a document composite.' On the class side there are no
examples. However browsing the class references leradis to


with the code


  ^ super defaultDocument

           add: (PRParagraph new

                     add: (PRText content: 'Edit this page ...');



A possible useful track .......


I have loaded Pier 1.0.16 through the Squea 3.10.2 package "Universe". I am
ready to update to 1.0.17 as it was announced on


How is this easily possible (as it is not yet in the Universe?)
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