[Seaside] [Question] How do I use Pier as a Seaside component?

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Sat Oct 4 06:55:01 UTC 2008

Thank you for your answer, Lukas!

Lukas Renggli <renggli at gmail.com> hat am 2. Oktober 2008 um 14:37 geschrieben:

> >  I would like to use a Pier wiki as a Seaside component as Lukas Renggli
> > suggested in
> PRPierFrame is the entry point of a Pier application. There are
> examples on the class-side of PRPierFrame in the protocol called
> 'examples'. You can have a look at these examples in the Seaside
> Example Browser at
> <http://localhost:8080/seaside/examples/examplebrowser>.

I loaded Pier into a pristine Squeak 3.10.2 image using the "Universe" - Install
"Pier version current". The installation was smooth.

And I found your two examples on the class side of PRPpierFrame

They are very helpful.

And on 
there is a pier wiki with some useful information and links. If I toggle the
halos I see how the page is composed of widgets.

> Your mail is very hard to read, because of excessive amounts of empty
> lines. I can't see what is quote or what is new, and what belongs
> together. Maybe you want to repost those questions?
> Cheers,
> Lukas

For the time being I think I will just browse the code and experiment with
creating "structures" as in 

PRPpierFrame class>>
    "Pier can be easily used as a component within any Seaside application, this
is just an example of a dumb wiki. To see this example browse to
/seaside/examples/examplebrowser and select the receiver class."

    ^ self on: (PRContext kernel: (PRKernel new
        name: 'Pier';
        root: (PRPage new
            title: 'Pier Example';
            contents: 'Pier can be easily used as a component within any Seaside
application (maybe you should adapt the style-sheets), this is just an example
of a dumb and non-persistent wiki.';

As there is a Pier mailing list I will ask further questions on that list if
they arise.

Kind regards

Hannes Hirzel
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