[Seaside] Re: Possible Seaside Bof at OOPSLA

James Robertson jarober at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 11:53:44 UTC 2008

Roger Whitney <whitney <at> cs.sdsu.edu> writes:

> Last year we had a Seaside Bof (Birds of a Feather) at OOPSLA. I  
> believe that was the first time it was separate from the Squeak Bof.  
> Is there any interest in having a Seaside Bof at the up coming OOPSLA  
> in Nashville? If so how many people would like to present something?
> ----
> Roger Whitney              Department of Computer Science
> whitney <at> cs.sdsu.edu        San Diego State University
> http://www.eli.sdsu.edu/   San Diego, CA 92182-7720

A bunch of us from Cincom would be interested - we have our Seaside based Web
Velocity (in beta) to demonstrate.

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