[Seaside] Re: #urlForDocument: w/o canvas?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Wed Oct 15 14:57:07 UTC 2008

> ofcVariables: html
>    ^(Dictionary new)
>      at: 'data-file' put: (html context urlForDocument: self data);
>      yourself
> However I still see a problem: To obtain a URL for the data-file in 
> #ofcVariables: I still have to call #urlForDocument. And this is only 
> possible to do it by calling the current renderers context and ask it 
> for the document URL.
Sorry, I don't get something, why this is problem at all?

> > That way could potentially be changed in any calback and 
> then render properly
> > according to that.
> Callback rings a bell for me - is there a way to define a 
> callback (and 
> getting it's URL) and to define what kind of content to return?
I think there is, I don't remember right now, but are you sure not thinking too
much resource oriented here?
What problem do you see with callbacks?

> > PD: that, of course, if I understood you right ;)
> You did - I just may have been a bit unclear. It's not that 
> it doesn't 
> work right know - it's just that changing a sub-components 
> state during 
> a render-run seems wrong to me.
Sure, note callbacks are defined in blocks that are executed in a different
phase than the rendering phase. So the state affected in a callback is not being
made during render. Only defined as eventually executable actions. 
I don't see where you are changing components during render. Just a little
refactor to clean up your component.


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