[Seaside] Re: #urlForDocument: w/o canvas?

Udo Schneider Udo.Schneider at homeaddress.de
Thu Oct 16 07:18:24 UTC 2008


> I don't use the swf object you mention. In the render phase is ok to create
You can't - I'm currently working on it :-)

> objects on the fly that will help you render a component. Scriptaculous way of
> adding javascript in Seaside applications use and abuse from that. You can use
> the wrapper as a dispensable thing that is initialized with fresh state (of that
> dispensable thing). Note that this will be different from changing state of the
> component itself. Think of a scriptaculous effect. It is created, configured
> passed as paramenter and it only will last for that render.
Thanks for the background. I'll try to implement it as a brush instead. 
Creating temp brushes is IMHO more natural (to me) than creating temp 

Thanks for your help - it gave me quite some insight into how it all 
works behind the scenes.



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