[Seaside] Re: #urlForDocument: w/o canvas?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Oct 16 07:50:41 UTC 2008

> > I don't use the swf object you mention. In the render phase 
> is ok to create
> You can't - I'm currently working on it :-)
Oh you do. Just using the canvas and you are creating WAxxxTag objects that will
last for that render alone. What you should not do is to create Seaside
components in that phase.

> > objects on the fly that will help you render a component. 
> Scriptaculous way of
> > adding javascript in Seaside applications use and abuse 
> from that. You can use
> > the wrapper as a dispensable thing that is initialized with 
> fresh state (of that
> > dispensable thing). Note that this will be different from 
> changing state of the
> > component itself. Think of a scriptaculous effect. It is 
> created, configured
> > passed as paramenter and it only will last for that render.
> Thanks for the background. I'll try to implement it as a 
> brush instead. 
> Creating temp brushes is IMHO more natural (to me) than creating temp 
> components.
Please don't confuse creating temp objects with creating temp components. I
didn't mention to create temp components. Now you say that I get the idea of
maybe your wrapper is a component and there is not really justified for it to be
a componenet (which mostly depends on it using call:/show:/answer: methods).

> Thanks for your help - it gave me quite some insight into how it all 
> works behind the scenes.
> CU,
> Udo

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