[Seaside] WAComponentsNotFoundError when working the To Do tutorial from "An Introduction to Seaside"

Peter Munro pete at petermunro.org
Thu Oct 16 17:18:05 UTC 2008

Try removing the semicolon after the first 'with:' in in 
STRootComponent>>children so it looks like this:

        ^ Array
            with: menuComponent
            with: listComponent

With it in, Array is sent the first message, 'with: menuComponent', 
which creates a new one-element array containing menuComponent. Then the 
second message ('with: listComponent') is sent to the Array, creating a 
new one-element array containing listComponent. So ultimately #children 
was returning just a one-element array.


Steven Greenberg wrote:
> Hi Randal.  Thanks for taking a look.
> I *think* that they're the same.  I'm just following the example code
> in the book, and create the apps only once, during #initialize.
> Fileout attached.  I created category "SEG-StTutToDoApp".
> Your help is greatly appreciated.
>     Thanks,
>     Steve
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