[Seaside] Problem with WAScriptTag content escaping, when nestedinto a WAScriptTag

Balázs Kósi rebmekop at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 09:02:21 UTC 2008

> I might have missed something in the thread, but I don't really
> understand what you are trying to do with your example. Why do you
> need the div tag at all?
I tried to strip down the example, and it lost its meaning in the process.

My goal is to create a form, where the user sees the values as parts
of a sentence.
When a value is clicked, i replace it with an editor for the value,
much like the 'in-place-editor'.

So I got to this problem of nested CDATA-s, like: set up a click
observer for the values div,
which replaces the div contents with html for the editor, which
contained a <script> tag.

Thanks for the hints!


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