[Seaside] How to get a file selection button and upload handling?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Tue Oct 21 22:15:14 UTC 2008

Hi all..

I need to put some new code in my web-app that can read/parse CSV files but
need to find a way to allow the user to select & upload them so that the ST
environment can chew on the resulting CSV data directly.  So, I'm curious
to find out what the best way to have a "Browse.." button/filename added to a
page with a callback (I'm assuming) that is used once the user hits the
"import" button.  I know how to do the text fields & buttons but not sure
how the whole upload the file part works and where it's place for the ST
image (VW in my case) to use,etc... Any suggestions would be much

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