[Seaside] hello and a flood of questions..

James Foster Smalltalk at JGFoster.net
Thu Oct 23 12:38:59 UTC 2008

Hi Sergio,

Welcome to Seaside.

To save your data you have several options. Most familiar (probably)  
would be a relational database. For this you should consider GLORP, a  
library that  loads into Smalltalk and talks to the RDB for you. Next,  
for simple data you could store things in the file system (text, XML,  
etc.). The most elegant solution (if you aren't required to use an  
external database) is to just store everything in the image and then  
save the image. The industrial-strength approach to this is (my  
employer's product) GemStone/S, a combination database and Smalltalk  
virtual machine in which sending the message #'commitTransaction' to  
System causes the current changes to be persistent. You can get a good  
overview of the architecture (comparing it to Rails), the Smalltalk  
language, and Seaside by watching a video of a presentation I make to  
Ruby groups. See http://programminggems.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/ 
video/ for the links. GemStone supports the use of Monticello for  
source code management so you can develop in Squeak and deploy in  
GemStone/S. GemStone has a no-cost version for up to 4 GB of data.

James Foster
GemStone Systems, Inc.

On Oct 22, 2008, at 8:12 AM, sergio wrote:

> hi, all..
> i have decided that i am going to learn seaside this week, and  
> convert a few scripts that i always use (and want a web interface  
> for).. as i get into this, i find that i have a ton of questions..  
> so i will start now..
> so.. for my first trick..
> where does my data live?
> i find that in developing with something like rails, i constantly  
> look at my data in some form of mysql viewer..
> how do i view my data sets with seaside.. and is this even an issue?
> ___
> peace,
> sergio
> photographer, journalist, visionary
> www.village-buzz.com
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