[Seaside] Script in head tag

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Oct 23 19:11:13 UTC 2008

> Loading the libraries from Google improves the cachability of the  
> javascript - as you say, if other web pages load the library from  
> Google, it may already be in the cache, and we can avoid a network  
> request to fetch it. But it true regardless of whether you put tags  
> directly into the head or use google.load().
> The value of google.load() is that you can load the libraries  
> dynamically, based on information only available on the 
> client, or in  
> response to a user action. If you don't need that capability, it's  
> better to just put tags in the head, as Lukas suggested.
> Colin

The load() will be good for dynamic load and also for more briefly visits kind
of site. But less valuable for rich application where user will be willing to
wait a little more once at the beginning (say while subscribing a service) and
all request after that one are cache hits.

So.. I've returned to host libraries myself. I've configured apache to expire
some decades ahead for that version. I don't know why but seems like Google ones
expires in the same day so loading those from their url also went inconvenient.



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