[Seaside] datasets and modes..

Mark Volkmann mark at ociweb.com
Sun Oct 26 21:40:49 UTC 2008

On Oct 26, 2008, at 3:33 PM, Philippe Marschall wrote:

> 2008/10/22 sergio <sergio at village-buzz.com>:
>> in developing rails (for example) i have a data set that i use for
>> development..
>> i make changes (migrations) against the current codebase.. then, when
>> everything works, i submit it (svn)..
>> on the server side..
>> i update (svn..) migrate.. then restart..
>> how does this work with seaside?
>> do i have two datasets (production and development)?
>> how do i maintain the integrity of my data when i make drastic  
>> changes to
>> the code on the development side?
> Seaside is just a web framework. It does not do any persistence at
> all. So this entirely depends on what you use for persistence.

I haven't used it yet, but I get the impression that a popular library  
to use for this is GLORP.

Mark Volkmann

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