[Seaside] hello and a flood of questions..

James Foster Smalltalk at JGFoster.net
Mon Oct 27 15:51:09 UTC 2008

Hi Sergio,

See comments below...

On Oct 27, 2008, at 6:26 AM, sergio wrote:

> On Oct 23, 2008, at 8:38 AM, James Foster wrote:
>> presentation I make to Ruby groups. See http://programminggems.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/video/ 
>>  for the links. GemStone supports the use of Monticello for source  
>> code management so you can develop in Squeak and deploy in GemStone/ 
>> S. GemStone has a no-cost version for up to 4 GB of data.
> hey, james..
> i went through your video last night (i started at midnight.. so it  
> was a late night..)
> and i was TOTALLY impressed! great job you did on the background  
> information..
> i think i am beginning to grasp smalltalk..
> i do have one question for you..
> how does gemstone differ from the server that comes natively with  
> seaside? i would really like to try it for a few test application,  
> and see how big my database gets.. but i imagine that 4G is ALOT of  
> data..

I'm not sure I understand the question. Seaside is a framework that is  
written in Smalltalk and has been ported from Squeak to a number of  
dialects of Smalltalk (including Cincom and GemStone). There is not a  
"server that comes natively with Seaside" in any obvious sense. Our  
intent with GLASS (GemStone, Linux, Apache, Seaside, & Smalltalk) is  
that you can write your Seaside application in any dialect of  
Smalltalk (with emphasis on Squeak) and port it easily to GemStone.  
Coming from Squeak is particularly easy since we support Monticello.

You can start in Squeak and port to GemStone, or you can go to http://seaside.gemstone.com/ 
  and download the things needed to start in GemStone. And yes, 4 GB  
is a lot of data.


> thanks!
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> peace,
> sergio
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